Site Files

Many website owner do not realise that a lot of hosting companies do not always keep regular backup copies of their website. Most website owners only find this out when their website has become infected by hackers and its to late! We can provide regular backups of all your WordPress site files, themes and plugins. For extra security, we can also back these files up to a third-party source like Dropbox or Amazon S3 cloud.** By having a regular backup system in place, Website Care can quickly restore your website in a matter of minutes.
**Subject to your chosen package


Unlike Static HTML websites of yesteryear, with WordPress all your website pages and blog content is stored in a MYSQL Database. Databases are a complex structure of tables and entities which link in with your WordPress files. Keeping regular backups of your database is just as important, if not more, to prevent data loss. We can ensure multiple copies of your database are kept on file in order to allow minimal downtime should your website become hacked or database structure become corrupt.

Design Elements

Your website has been up and running for a while now and you have worked very hard and closely with your web designer to get it just the way you want. But what happens if your site gets hacked and all your files and design elements are lost!! By having a backup system in place we can ensure all your hard work and time can be fixed as quickly as possible and with as little downtime as possible.


By having regular, clean copies of your website and database on file, Website Care can quickly roll back to a clean copy of your website to limit any downtime. And for those who update their site regularly, it’s an added bonus to know a backup is always in place should any issues arise.