Why Backups are a good idea

Why Backups are a good idea

When disaster strikes you need a safe backup. You need a WordPress remote backup solution that’s reliable, convenient and ready to save your butt.

Why Backup?

Did you invest any time or money into your site? – Yes.

Then you need to protect that investment by backing up your website. What happens when your suddenly shady host disappears or your intern somehow pushes the wrong button or hackers delete your entire site and replace it with mad props to themselves? Stuff happens.

So back it up.

Website Care offer a backup service which will keep your WordPress sites backed up and safe on a regular basis.

Why Backup offsite?

Once you’re backing up your site you need to store those backups somewhere. Ideally multiple somewhere. You want redundancy in your backup plan.

Keeping a copy of your site on your server isn’t  always the best option . If your server has a problem, how are you going to get to your backup?

A backup on your own computer is good, but it’s not enough. Your hard drive could crash, it could be stolen or your house could burn down. Let’s hope none of things happen, but sometimes they do.

So you need a remote location to store your WordPress backups. Somewhere that isn’t your house, isn’t your computer and isn’t your server. A remote, off-site location gives you the redundancy you need.

Yes, it’s extreme. But it’s also smart. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Backup Strategy

Now that you understand the variables involved, let’s talk backup strategy. You need to create a plan of action so you can pick the best remote storage option.

You need a full backup to do a complete restoration of your site, but a database backup is all you need to save your latest content.

A typical approach is to do a database backup once a week and a full backup twice a month. Content changes more frequently, so you should do a database back up more often. Your site’s plugins and theme change less frequently, so you shouldn’t need to do a full backup as often.

But it depends on your site. If you update your content several times a day, a weekly database backup might not be good enough. If you have lots of images and media or you’re always adding new customizations, then you might want to do a full backup more frequently.

Your WordPress remote backup strategy should also be redundant. Don’t rely on a single backup or a single remote location. Again, it’s extreme, but you never want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Create a plan that protects your content and would allow you to get your site up and running again with a minimum of effort and lost content. Once you’ve got a strategy you’re ready to pick your WordPress remote backup solution.

WordPress Remote Backup Options can include:

  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • FTP Server
  • Email

In the end what really matters is finding a WordPress remote backup solution that works for you. At Website care, we are here to take the pain out of desicing on a backup service by offering you a solution we feel will work best to you and your websites needs.

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